Itchy Throat, Cough And Flu Are I Corona?

Illustration of Itchy Throat, Cough And Flu Are I Corona?
Illustration: Itchy Throat, Cough And Flu Are I Corona?

Hi doc, so my situation is more or less 7 days ago I experienced symptoms of itching in the throat then from the night I started coughing lightly until the next day I had a dry cough until 2 days after I had the flu .. but my heat was always checked and always 36, C never reached 37 C. Well, yesterday yesterday I started experiencing symptoms of severe headaches that often came up until now, when my cough and flu had started to heal … and last night I felt difficulty breathing due to nasal congestion, but only a few Next time, I didn’t take medicine from day one, I only took vitamins. Whereas at this time in the area that I visited there were many people who were in the monitoring period but were not tested positive for the corona … had I also been infected?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your concern. In general symptoms, corona infection is characterized by fever, coughing and spasms. Other symptoms that can also be experienced by people with corona are flu-like symptoms such as colds, body feels weak, dizzy, and also headaches.

So in your case, if we talk about the possibility, you might be infected with corona, considering that there are people who don't even experience any symptoms even though they are clearly infected with corona. And if it's not corona, among the conditions that you could have experienced are acute respiratory infections, rhinitis, migraines, and strep throat. To be sure, we recommend that you consult yourself to the nearest general practitioner. Because as we all know, the treatment for those suspected of corona and not very different. By checking yourself directly, misunderstandings can be avoided and the handling can be more appropriate.

Meanwhile, keep your body's immune system with regular breaks, regular hand washing, consumption of supplements and multivitamins, and check yourself immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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