Itchy Throat When Inhaling?

Illustration of Itchy Throat When Inhaling?
Illustration: Itchy Throat When Inhaling?

Hello doctor, I want to ask why sometimes if I take a breath itchy in my throat like there is phlegm u0026amp; Want to cough but not cough? For the past few days I have felt this way but it does not continue, only sometimes it disappears and then there is more. Thanks.

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Hi Tiara, thank you for asking

Itching complaints that you feel in the throat, can be caused by the following things:

- flu or influenza

- rhinitis

- Strep throat or pharyngitis

- Changes in the weather

- Breathe air pollution

If itching in your throat is caused by a viral infection, it will usually heal itself within 5-7 days, the important thing is to maintain your body's immune system. At present, due to the corona virus outbreak, you can do some of these things first to help overcome complaints: multiply consumption of water, consumption of ginger or honey drinks, consumption of nutritious food, adequate rest, avoid smoking or air pollution, avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages , avoid allergy triggers if you have a history of allergies, avoid dust exposure, avoid caffeine consumption, and exercise regularly.

> For now, it's best to avoid traveling outside the house except for important and urgent needs (Stay at home). Use a mask when on the move outside the home. Routinely wash hands with soap. Avoid crowds. Keep your body and family endurance.

The article that you can read: TREAT TREATMENT itching

Thank you, hope that helps.

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