Itchy Vagina During Trimester 3 Pregnancy?

Illustration of Itchy Vagina During Trimester 3 Pregnancy?
Illustration: Itchy Vagina During Trimester 3 Pregnancy?

Ass, I want to ask, I have almost 1 month itching in the vaginal area, not removing lumps of liquid but the liquid just just leaked, during my pregnancy I only had intercourse about 2 weeks ago, I was sneezing every time but the itching didn’t disappear Also, I didn’t sleep well and finally I checked with the doctor, given the medicine for faldistyn, but I used it but why the next morning I urinated did not remove a clot, said the doctor who was annoyed would come out a lump instead of just sticking around the vagina, it wasn’t dangerous for the fetus, thank you😀

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Hello Puput,

Thank you for the question.

Vagina that feels itchy and produces excessive vaginal discharge in pregnant women can naturally be caused by hormonal factors. However, if this itching is very annoying, then this condition may be aggravated by an infection, allergies, insect bites, or also irritation in your vagina that triggers inflammation. This inflammation, in addition to causing itching and abnormal vaginal discharge, can also cause the vagina to become reddish, smooth, swollen, and give off an unpleasant odor.

Depending on the cause, inflammation of the vagina can be dangerous for the fetus, or it may not. Referring to the information that the doctor gave you, the doctor may suspect that the complaint you are experiencing is related to the infection. That's why he gave drugs that contain active ingredients metronidazole and nystatin, which are useful as an anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal. This drug, provided it is prescribed and controlled by a doctor, is relatively safe to use during trimester 3 pregnancy and does not interfere with the health of your fetus.

Indeed, most women who use the drug you mentioned will experience clots from their genitals due to the residual effects of the drug and the inflammatory cells, microbes, and dead tissue that goes along with it. However, certainly not always this effect will be the same for all women. The absence of a clot like this does not always indicate that the drug has failed to work.

It's best if you take the medication as advised by your doctor. Also, don't scratch an itchy vagina. Shorten your vaginal hair regularly and also improve your vaginal hygiene better so that itching will reduce. Do not forget, avoid carelessly using soap, fragrances, or other chemical products around the vagina.

If after the doctor's treatment is done your complaints still have not improved, so do not hesitate to check yourself back to the doctor or obstetrician to be given further treatment, ok?

I hope this helps.

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