Itchy Vagina?

Illustration of Itchy Vagina?
Illustration: Itchy Vagina?

Good evening, I want to ask about my own complaint. Why is my groin prone to itching, menses are not smooth, and now constantly yellow spots, whether it’s vaginal discharge or something, but it doesn’t smell and looks like vaginal discharge, but why is it yellow? I have checked with 2 doctors and they have the same answer because of the influence of hormones, and they underestimate my problem and I have not been examined even though I really want to be examined and only given Giovan soap. but lately how come menses are just like small blood clots that come out because the problem is usually blood that comes out. What is the solution, thank you for your help ..

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Hello Nia, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Based on the complaint you are experiencing, the main complaint that occurs to you is the presence of menstrual disorders. A normal menstrual cycle occurs every 21-35 days, with menstrual periods of around 4-7 days. Menstrual disorders there are many types such as amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, Menorrhagia, Oligomenorea.

In amenorrhoea is a condition of a woman of childbearing age, who is not pregnant, has not menstruated for at least 3 months in a row. This type of amenorrhea is commonly referred to as secondary amenorrhoea, because the woman had previously experienced menstruation. Some possible causes are hormonal imbalance, breastfeeding, menopause, severe stress, poly cystic ovary syndrome, etc.

Dysmenorrhoea is excessive pain that is felt during menstruation, normally pain will be felt on the first and second day of menstruation, but with mild to moderate pain levels. In the condition of dysmenorrhoea the pain will be very severe, so that it can make a person unable to work. Some possible causes are abnormalities in uterine structure, pelvic inflammation, IUD contraception.

Menorrhagia is a lot of menstrual blood or menstruation lasts more than 7 days, so that it interferes with daily activities. Normally the amount of blood that comes out during menstruation is 80mL. This condition can be caused by hormonal disorders, uterine lining failure, certain diseases such as thyroid disease, use of IUDs, side effects of drugs, etc.

Oligomenorrhea is when there is a prolongation of a woman's menstrual cycle about 35-90 days. Some diseases can cause this to occur such as thyroid disease, PCOS, malnutrition, obesity, etc.

Regarding complaints often itchy, and itchy yellow spots occur can be related to your menstrual disorders. Another possibility that can also happen to you is a urinary tract infection / sexually transmitted infection.

To find out for sure the causes that cause menstrual problems in you, can be started from yourself by relieving stress that you experience, and measuring your nutritional status considering there is a possibility of stress, malnutrition, and obesity can cause it. Responding to your problem, you have already been treated by two doctors, I advise you to come to an obstetrician regarding the problem you are currently facing. The doctor will do a complete examination to you to find the cause that happened to you. Supporting examinations such as examination of your female hormones, blood tests, etc. can be done according to indications.

Right now what you can do is:

 Consult yourself to an obstetrician. Regarding this problem, don't worry too much, because it will only burden your mind and can cause stress which will actually aggravate your menstrual disorders. Rest, and eat enough. Meet your daily fluid needs to drink 2 - 2.5L of water per day. Exercise regularly and regularly. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol consumption. Do not clean your female organs too often with soap that contains antiseptic, it will cause good bacteria to die and easily cause infection. That's all the answers I can give, thank you very much and hopefully always healthy.

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