It’s Been 14 Years Since Puberty?

Illustration of It’s Been 14 Years Since Puberty?
Illustration: It’s Been 14 Years Since Puberty?

I’m already 14 years old, but I’ve had wet dreams 2 months ago but the only secondary signs are hair on my genitals, I’m only 149 cm tall. Am I pubescent?

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The age at puberty of a child varies. Usually girls will experience puberty before boys around the age of 8-13 years, while boys around 10-16 years. At this time there is a peak of growth (growth spurt) so that adequate nutrition is needed for child development.

At puberty, children will experience many changes, especially their physique. In boys the first signs of puberty are usually seen with enlarged testicles followed by a change in penis size and then hair on both the pubic and underarms. Mustache and beard will also grow. There was a change in the voice to become heavier. Until now, a boy has been able to release his first sperm which is marked by a wet dream. This is an easy to spot sign of puberty.

In boys, the peak growth will usually appear 1-2 years after the first signs of puberty appear. Even though you are now 149 cm tall, you will still experience rapid growth because you are still 14 years old. At this time you must consume and adequate nutrition.

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