It’s Been 5 Years Since I Started Injecting Contraception, But I Haven’t Gotten Pregnant Yet?

At noon I already have 1 child aged 10 years and I have been free of injection after 5 years but how come I have not been pregnant anymore either … I have never been to a healthy doctor and gave me hormonal medication because I was tired and made my doctor stop. guess why ydo get pregnant again a while after we thank you

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Hi Riaeva,

To become pregnant a woman must be in a fertile state (fertility), fertility is influenced by various things such as age, physical condition, lifestyle and medication. If after having intercourse regularly without contraception for a year and not having a pregnancy even though previously had a history of pregnancy then it can be categorized as secondary infertility (secondary infertility).

This secondary infertility can occur due to various things, including due to the use of hormonal contraception such as injectable birth control because the return of fertility can take place long after the use of injectable birth control, especially 3-month injection contraception. Apart from the side effects of birth control, your pregnancy difficulties can also be caused by disorders of the ovaries or uterus, due to complications of previous pregnancy or increasing age. Related to this, you and your partner should consult an obstetrician in order to get further treatment in accordance with the conditions that underlie your complaint.

You can also do the following tips to make pregnancy easier:

Prioritize healthy lifestyle
Perform intimate relationships on a regular basis, especially during the fertile period

Take vitamin E and folic acid
Manage stress wisely

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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