It’s Dangerous To Use The Mouse Often?

Illustration of It’s Dangerous To Use The Mouse Often?
Illustration: It’s Dangerous To Use The Mouse Often?

Morning, I just saw in the company flyer, if using the mouse for a long time can cause CTS, is that true? then what about employees like me who use laptops and mice every day for at least 8 hours? how to prevent CTS? and can it also cause meat to grow around the wrist?

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a condition in which the median nerve is pinched in the ceracarpal tunnel which has a location in the wrist area. This condition causes several symptoms that appear, including pain in the palm and wrist area, a tingling sensation, numbness in the hand area, weakness in the movement of the hand.

Some risk factors for someone suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, including heredity, female sex, diabetes conditions, autoimmune disorders, swelling in the joints around the palm of the hand, injuries to the wrist, activities and occupations that involve a lot of hand movements, wrists such as grasping, using machines with vibrations, repetitive movements on the wrist such as grasping the lever and pressing buttons, using mouse, typing, cashier, tailor, farmer.

Some things you can do to reduce compression on thearpal tunnel:

Improves posture when working with a laptop and mouse by ensuring the condition of the wrist is not bent (can set the laptop as high or slightly lower than the elbow).
Take regular short breaks after working for 1 hour.
Reducing the use of electronic gadgets such as cellphones, tabs.
Doing stretches regularly on the hand area.

So far there has been no scientific evidence of a direct correlation between acarpal tunnel syndrome causing the growth of flesh around the wrist. If the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome have been felt and are very disruptive to the activity, it is advisable to consult a doctor or neurologist regarding further examination and management. You can be given a splint to prevent the condition of the wrist flexed, giving painkillers when needed.

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