IUD Examination

Illustration of IUD Examination
Illustration: IUD Examination

Doc, I installed the IUD since 2015, but until now I have never checked again because of fear … during that time I didn’t feel any side effects, it’s normal, it’s just that I can’t feel the IUD strap anymore … is it dangerous doc?

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Hello Indah, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

IUD examination is recommended to be done when there are complaints (for example, abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge and odor, or pregnancy occurs during use), when going to make changes or according to the instructions of the doctor who put it on you.

The IUD thread is basically deliberately exaggerated to make it easier for doctors when they do the IUD release and to find out whether the IUD is still in place or not. If the thread is not felt where it should be, then it is possible if the IUD is detached or shifted to another place that is not supposed to be. Permsesran or the removal of an IUD is basically harmless, but it makes the IUD ineffective in giving effect as a contraceptive.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check yourself with the doctor who first paired the IUD for evaluation, other than because the IUD thread has not been felt, your IUD has also reached 5 years, so it is likely to have reached the time for replacement with an IUD new or other changes in contraceptive methods according to your current condition.

You are not encouraged to try to find the thread yourself because it can cause injury or infection in your uterus.

I hope this helps.

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