IUD Removal?

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I want to remove the IUD because the doctor spog if it doesn’t remove the vaginal discharge will then appear and an episotomy wound in the birth canal. It hasn’t recovered yet and what I want to ask is if it’s going to be removed using a tool such as a duck breast, will it hit the wound in the birth canal and how? so that the wound dries quickly

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Hi Ina. Previously, how long have you given birth? Indeed, the existence of an episiotomy scar will be a little difficult if you want to do an internal genital examination, especially if it has only been a few days. However, if there are more urgent indications, internal examination will be prioritized by selecting a tool that has a less traumatic effect on the suture marks. The choice of cocor duck itself can be chosen based on size and certain materials. In general, self-examination will usually be given a distance of approximately 1-2 weeks but depending on the severity of the wound. The way to make the episiotomy wound dry quickly is:

1. follow the doctor's advice regarding wound care

2. keep the suture area clean, especially after urinating and defecating, especially now that you are also experiencing vaginal discharge.

3. keep the wound dry

4. Avoid using vaginal washes or douches

5. Consumption of foods containing protein such as fish, egg whites

Consult your obstetrician regarding your condition for treatment and further information. An examination of the condition of your wound, the condition of your vaginal discharge can help your doctor determine the best treatment for you. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Regards, Dr Alyssa

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