Jaw Aches So Hard To Open Your Mouth?

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Good evening, my name is Shifa, 17 years old. I complained of jaw pain for 2 days, I checked into the hospital because of my complaint. The doctor at the hospital had not yet concluded my illness, he only gave me medicine that I had to take for 3 days before my second control. But after taking medicine, I felt even more sick, before the pain was only in the jaw and I was just having trouble opening my mouth. However, after taking the pain medication increasingly into my molars and made it difficult for me to chew food. The doctor at the hospital also did not notify abstinence from food that I was not allowed to eat. Please help, what should I do?

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Hello Shifalt,

Thank you for the question.

Pain in the jaw can be caused by various conditions with various characteristics, such as the type of pain that is felt, and accompanying symptoms such as fever, swelling of the jaw, swallowing pain, lumps in the area around the teeth or jaw, or tartar.

The following possible causes of jaw pain:

 Fibromialgia, pain in the muscles and surrounding tissues. Gum or tooth infection. Submandibular abscess, a festering infection in the lower part of the jaw. Impaction of teeth, the growth of new teeth in the back molars. You should check with your dentist to find out the cause of your complaint further. The doctor will ask your complaint in full and examine the parts that have complaints, especially in the jaw and in the teeth, if there are lumps filled with pus, if there are cavities, if there are new teeth growing, and if needed the doctor can conduct supporting examinations such as laboratories, X-rays, or something else, so your doctor can make the right treatment in accordance with your complaint.

The following recommendations you can do at home:

 Take pain relievers like paracetamol. Compress the jaw with warm water. Keep your teeth and mouth clean. Limit foods and drinks that contain lots of sugar, spicy foods, fatty foods, too cold or too hot, and hard-textured food. Get enough rest and drink 2-3L of water per day. Hopefully this information can help. thanks.


dr. Talitha.

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