Joint Pain Accompanied By Nausea, Vomiting And Weakness?

Illustration of Joint Pain Accompanied By Nausea, Vomiting And Weakness?
Illustration: Joint Pain Accompanied By Nausea, Vomiting And Weakness?

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Hello DJputra Pratama, thank you for asking with

Your complaint can be caused by some of the following causes such as:

Virus infection
Dengue fever
Respiratory tract infections
MyalgiaDoctor needs additional information about your complaint, such as how long have you felt, is there a fever, is there a complaint of defecation, is there a rash on the skin, nosebleeds or bleeding gums?
You should consult directly with your general practitioner or internist because you need additional information, a physical examination directly, or a laboratory examination to find out the exact cause of your complaint.

You can also pay attention to the following danger signs such as signs of bleeding (nosebleeds, bleeding gums, coughing up blood, bloody bowel movements), high fever or fever for more than 3 days, shortness of breath, convulsions or loss of consciousness so you should immediately come to the nearest health facility .

Some things you can do at home include:

Rest and sleep enough to help your immune system
Drink enough water at least 2 liters every day
Eat foods with balanced nutrition to increase your body's endurance
Avoid smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages
To reduce pain and nausea you can take over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol and antacids

Hopefully this information can be useful for you and hopefully get better soon. Thank you

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