Joint Pain And Stiffness Every Time I Wake Up In Women Aged 52 Years?

Illustration of Joint Pain And Stiffness Every Time I Wake Up In Women Aged 52 Years?
Illustration: Joint Pain And Stiffness Every Time I Wake Up In Women Aged 52 Years?

, I’m a 52-year-old woman, my complaint every time I wake up all of my joints feel sick and stiff, how come if you sit / sit too long, hold objects too long. Or treat it ???

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Hello Ms. Aan, thank you for asking.

Joint pain can be caused by injury, inflammation, or degeneration of the joint. Injuries can occur at work, during daily activities, due to exercise or other hobbies, or due to an accident. The joint can bleed or tear joint cartilage. Meanwhile inflammation can be caused by injuries, recurring injuries, infections, or autoimmune conditions (conditions where immune cells attack the body's own cells). Joint degeneration generally occurs with age. In some people, changes in joint degeneration occur more quickly. Especially occurs in people who lack physical activity and being overweight. A degenerated joint can lose joint fluid, thin the cartilage, or form a new bone bulge in the joint.

Some possible conditions that you experience, for example:

Rheumatoid arthritis.
Gouty arthritis.
Injury to joint structure.

You should consult with an internist in a rheumatology consultant. The doctor may need to take an X-ray or MRI of the joint, in order to assess the abnormality. Generally therapy in the form of anti-inflammation, anti-pain, and physiotherapy. Sometimes joint repair is needed through surgery, if the conditions are severe enough.

In the meantime, you can try to stretch several times a day. Use comfortable footwear. Avoid preserved foods because they can trigger further inflammation. If the condition has improved, you can start exercising moderate intensity regularly 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes. For example, by walking fast, swimming, or cycling. Exercise is expected to help regenerate joints, bones, and muscles. Consult with your doctor before starting to exercise.

May you soon find healing. Regards.

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