Joints Hurt?

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Hello…. I’m 30 years old, it’s been almost 1 month that the elbow joint on my right hand has aches and pains when lifting weights, even though the load is only 1 scoop of water…u003cbr /u003 and the soles of the feet especially the upper part of the heel hurts/sore…u003cbr /u003ethanks for the explanation…

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Hi Wawan. The condition you experience on the elbow in general can be caused by:

1. the presence of muscle pain, especially due to overuse, trauma

2. have neurological problems

3. the presence of infection in the muscles

4. Fibromyalgia

5. arthritis

While the condition that you experience regarding painful soles of the feet can generally be caused by:

1. plantar fasciitis

2. tendinitis

3. bursitis

4. arthritis

5. Fibromyalgia

Consult your doctor about your condition for further information and treatment. Physical examination can help where other tests such as X-ray examination, ultrasound, CT scan or MRI can help. What you can do is avoid work that is too heavy, warm compresses on the painful area, get enough rest and wear comfortable footwear. Specific treatment depends on the underlying cause. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Regards, Dr Alyssa

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