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Good afternoon, .. Sorry, I want to ask, I have a very heavy head. A few days before, I often got sick, yesterday I just didn’t feel well with my throat like it was dry. But I woke up earlier, I had a fever (but not high) and my head was very heavy, plus my nose was a bit blocked and my body felt a little sore. I have a common cold, right?

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Hello Narendri

I understand Narendri's concern about the presence of a COVID-19 pandemic, however, the symptoms caused by the common cold and by COVID-19 in general can look similar, in the form of coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion and / runny nose, runny nose, fever , sore throats, and headaches.

But in COVID-19 the symptoms caused by the common cold are just that if the condition of the immune system is less than optimal, these symptoms can become more severe, resulting in complaints of shortness of breath and high fever.

So try to trace Narendri whether in recent times there is contact or are in a room with those who have tested positive for COVID-19 infection, or contact or are in a room in those suspected of being infected with COVID-19 infection? because of this history will increase the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Meanwhile Narendri does not need to worry if there is no history as above, especially if the Narendri area of ​​residence today there are not yet many cases of COVID-19 findings. However, Narendri is expected to remain vigilant to prevent transmission, namely by doing distoctive socia by maintaining distance and avoid physical contact, as much as possible do not leave the house except for urgent purposes, and get used to routinely washing hands regularly, especially when finished touching objects that are suspected to have been contaminated by viruses and bacteria. Also use breathing masks to prevent transmitting the flu to others, and to consume balanced nutritious food and adequate rest so that the endurance of Narendri remains optimal so that it can help the recovery process from the pain experienced at the moment while preventing contracting other infectious diseases

For now Narendir can take over-the-counter medicines to treat the headaches, fevers and colds that can be found at the nearest pharmacy. However, if within 3 days the symptoms do not improve or become more severe in a short period of time, Narendri should check with the nearest health facility for further assessment.

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