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You may change your family planning contraceptive from 3-month injection to 1-month injection or other contraceptive methods. As long as you connect the contraceptive method directly and do not pause. To change your injection contraceptive method, you just have to come and inject a monthly contraceptive injection at your next injection.

Before you decide to change your contraceptive method, you should know in advance that the 1-month injection of contraceptives also has some side effects because they both contain hormones (3-month contraceptive injection contains only the hormone progesterone, while the 1-month injection contraceptive contains progesterone and estrogen hormones) . Although the side effects on menstrual cycles are smaller with the 1-month injection of contraception, this type of contraceptive can still cause side effects such as headaches and dizziness, weight gain, breast pain, mood disorders. In addition, 1-month injection of contraception should also not be given in several conditions, such as:

women who are breastfeeding
have a history of migraine headaches
have a disorder or disease of the liver
have certain diseases related to blood clots
have high blood pressure
have a history of heart disease

You can discuss further with your midwife or obstetrician regarding the selection of contraception that is most suitable and most comfortable for you. Ask clearly contraindications to use of contraception and possible side effects.

The following articles you can read about how to choose contraception

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