KB Injection Schedule 1 Month After Menstruation?

,, I injected KB users 1 month. and should re-inject the injection in July on the 26th. Because of that date, I just had menstrual blood, I thought I first withdrew the KB syntik, so my menstruation must be complete first, because if menstruation is not complete, because of family planning injections, my body hurts all over. then I re-injected family planning on August 11th. I have been injecting about 2 weeks. but after menstruation, I did not have intercourse at all. what I want to ask. continue to schedule injections in the month of last month (which requires injections on August 24) or withdraw according to my last injection? Is it safe if it’s only 2 weeks of KB injection and I have to have another KB injection. In order to have a normal schedule as usual ??? Please explain 🙏🙏

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. KB injection is one method of contraception that is done by injecting certain hormones into a person's body. This hormone will then disrupt the body's natural hormone balance, and then hinder the process of pregnancy.

At the beginning of its use, family planning injection may indeed be adjusted to the menstrual cycle, because it takes time for the hormone to work on the body and prevent you from getting pregnant. But forwards, family planning injections do not need to adjust to the menstrual cycle anymore, what needs to be adjusted is the date before you inject birth control. This is because among the side effects of family planning injections are menstrual cycle changes that become irregular. In fact, it is not uncommon for birth control users to have no menstruation during the use of this injection. So if it is adjusted to the menstrual cycle, the injection schedule may even become irregular and the effect can be decreased.

Therefore in your case, it would actually be much better if you still injected the KB right on the due date. With a delay of 2 weeks like this, the potential for protection has been reduced even though it does not necessarily disappear completely. Going forward, family planning injections according to the latest schedule, or which have been delayed two weeks, and remain injected regardless of your menstrual status at that time. For the time being, because your current condition of protection from pregnancy is still uncertain, it's best if you want to have sex, ask your husband to use a condom. So, hopefully answering your question.

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