Keeping The Blood Leukocyte Levels Of Children Are Not High Again?

Illustration of Keeping The Blood Leukocyte Levels Of Children Are Not High Again?
Illustration: Keeping The Blood Leukocyte Levels Of Children Are Not High Again?

Hello. I have a toddler aged 1 yr 4 mth a few days ago hospitalization because the number of leukocytes is relatively high (21.6). what I ask: If you have been exposed to leukocytes, you can get them again (the number of leukocytes is too high)? Is there food intake that can minimize excess leukocyte contact? Because what I fear (amit2) if it comes to leukemia. I really hope the doctor’s answer. thanks.

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Hello Meylans Thank you for asking Aldokter.

Leukocytes are white blood cells that play an important role in the human immune system. Therefore the body needs leukocytes to fight various infections such as bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic and other diseases. If someone has a low number of leukocytes, the body will be vulnerable to infection. And vice versa, if the level of leukocytes is too high in the blood usually because it is fighting an infection process or a sign the body is fighting a disease.

Leukocyte value in each person differs depending on their age. For adults the normal leukocyte count is around: 4000-10000 permicoroliter blood. And examination of leukocyte levels can also vary by laboratory but can be used as follows, in children, namely:

Normal neonatal leukocytes are 9000 - 30000 cells / mm3

Normal leukocytes of infants to toddlers are 5700-18000 cells / mm3

If your child is 1 year and 4 months old, the normal leukocytes range from 5700-18000, but at the examination of your child, if leukocytes are 21,600, the blood level is certainly high. Here are some possible causes of high leukocyte levels in the blood:

Acute infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi
Physical injury, postoperative recovery or wound healing.

Rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever.
Connective tissue disease
Acute stress

Here are more articles that you can read about: Causes of High Leukocytes

Leukocytes are white blood cells which, when increased, are the body's normal response when the body is fighting an infection or disease. Therefore, if you have experienced high leukocytes (leukocytosis), of course you can experience it again; i.e. when the body has re-infected.

Regarding the intake of food consumed to reduce leukocytes, actually there is no specific food recommended. What needs to be done is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating nutritious and nutritious foods to avoid various diseases. And if you have complaints immediately consult a doctor for further examination.

Not all cases of leukocytosis are leukemia. We recommend that you consult a pediatrician to find out the cause of high leukocytes. If the cause is a bacterial infection the doctor will usually give antibiotic therapy to help fight the bacteria that causes the disease. so that the bacteria can die, then the child can recover and be healthy again as well as if the leukocytes will return to normal. Likewise with other causes, treatment of leukocytosis will depend on the cause.

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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