KGB Disease?

Illustration of KGB Disease?
Illustration: KGB Disease?

hi .. I want to ask, a patient who has had lymph node surgery in the neck. his body takes care. What to do. thanks

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Hello Joshua,

Actually it is necessary to know in advance the cause of the lymph node abnormality to determine the possible symptoms and their effects. Lymph node diseases are quite a lot, can be caused by infections, autoimmune diseases or tumors, both benign or malignant.

Some of the reasons for lymph node surgery, for example, are to remove tumors / cancer, detect cancer cells, or clear severe infections. Weight loss is usually not directly related to surgery, but may be related to previous illnesses. In general, what must be done is to follow the doctor's medical advice and improve nutrition by eating a healthy, balanced diet. Eat foods that are complete nutrition, containing carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Getting enough rest and controlling stress can help healing. If the disease is no longer present, of course the nutrition can be improved.

If there are symptoms after surgery, such as the wound that does not heal, festering, still bleeding, severe pain, fever or other symptoms, immediately see the doctor who handled it before for further treatment.


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