Kidney Cysts In Babies?

Illustration of Kidney Cysts In Babies?
Illustration: Kidney Cysts In Babies?

Hello, sorry I want to ask, do kidney cysts in babies require surgery? Is there any way other than surgery? Thank you

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Hi Rizky,

Thank you for asking

A cyst is the name for an abnormal, sac-shaped mass that contains fluid. Cysts can grow in various parts of the body, including the kidneys. This condition may not show distinctive symptoms so it often goes unnoticed. However, if the kisa is large enough, the sufferer may experience lower back pain (can be right, left, or both), fever, and also pain in the stomach.

The formation of cysts in the kidneys is thought to occur due to the weakening of the surface of the kidneys, which then forms a sac (diverticulum) which then fills with fluid, then releases, and a cyst forms. The triggers for this condition are not known for sure. However, a person's risk of developing kidney cysts can increase with age and in people who are male.

Often, a cyst that does not cause a complaint means that it does not require special treatment. However, cysts in the kidneys that are getting bigger in size and not being properly treated are at risk of causing several complications, including infected cysts, rupture or obstruction of urine flow which can lead to hydronephrosis.

Therefore, you should consult directly with a pediatrician who treats your child about what kind of treatment should be done to treat your child's condition. Usually, if the presence of a cyst in the kidney causes a complaint, as mentioned above, the doctor will recommend special treatment, namely by piercing and draining the cyst, or also performing surgery to remove the cyst. The selection of the right type of therapy should ideally be determined directly by the examining doctor. Professional doctors will certainly do the best for the good of their patients. Therefore, please consult directly with him.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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