Kidney Cysts?

Illustration of Kidney Cysts?
Illustration: Kidney Cysts?

Good morning doctor, my mother has a cyst which, according to the examination, is small and comprehensive in both kidneys, the doctor’s handling is telescope. About 8 months after the treatment, my mother experienced pain accompanied by reddish urine, my question is, is there any other action other than binoculars that can be cure permanently? because if we are being telescoped again, what I fear will recur in the future. The doctor has suggested that if you want to remove both kidneys, you must remove both kidneys, if that step is chosen, my thoughts will certainly pose a heavier risk, I question, for your attention, thank you. love.

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Hello Nasir.

Thank you for asking the Community.

Kidney cysts are pockets that are round or oval in shape filled with fluid and are found in the kidneys. Kidney cysts are generally divided into two, namely Simple Kidney Cysts and Polycystic Kidney Cysts.

Simple Kidney Cyst, usually just one cyst and one kidney. However, in some cases it can be found in both kidneys. Usually, patients with simple kidney cysts have no complaints. Complaints that arise usually occur when the cyst is large enough and presses on other organs. These complaints are like:

Pain in the back, waist, or upper abdomen. Fever, chills, and other signs of infection. BAK is becoming more frequent. BAK turns red.

Meanwhile, Polycystic Kidney Cyst, is a hereditary disease and the formation of several cysts in one or both kidneys. Generally, the disease has more severe complaints than Simple Kidney Cysts, because of the larger number of cysts. These symptoms include:

High blood pressure (hypertension). The stomach feels painful or swollen. Severe back pain. BAK turns red. Forms of stones in the urinary tract. Kidney failure.

To diagnose a kidney cyst, requires special expertise. Therefore, patients with complaints that lead to this disease are advised to consult a doctor directly. The doctor will examine the kidney area and perform any necessary investigations, such as imaging using ultrasound, or other examinations. The doctor will also perform blood and urine tests to see how the patient's kidneys are functioning.

Based on your data, the binoculars that have been carried out are probably because urinary tract stones have formed as a symptom of a cyst. Through these binoculars, kidney stones will be destroyed directly from the inside. Meanwhile, for kidney cysts, treatment is done in the form of surgical removal of the cyst or cyst drainage.

Meanwhile, kidney removal surgery is usually recommended for people with kidney cysts with deteriorating kidney function. For this consideration, you should consult directly with the doctor who treats you. If you are in doubt, you can ask for another opinion from a Urinary Tract Surgeon or a Kidney Specialist.

Some suggestions that can be done for you are as follows:

Eat nutritious foods. Avoid sports that involve physical contact, to avoid contact with the kidneys. Routine control to the doctor, to see the development of cysts and kidney function. Avoid using pain relievers without a doctor's consideration.

This is the information we can convey, thank you and hope it is useful.


Dr. M. Rizki

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