Kidney Failure 41 Years Old?

Illustration of Kidney Failure 41 Years Old?
Illustration: Kidney Failure 41 Years Old?

Assalamulaikum doctor, sorry to disturb his time, permission to ask nThere was my brother exposed to yesterday’s lab test yesterday nAnd the result is low urea and creatinine is low, erythrocytes too. For example, do I know if hemaglobin is low, so my brother has anemia. Creatinine and erythrocytes are low, what can you get? NThank you, wassalmualic ☺

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Ureum and creatinine are metabolic products in the body. Ureum is a protein compound produced from the liver in the form of amino acids, and is metabolized by the body and then excreted by the kidneys in the form of urea. While creatinine is the result of metabolism of proteins originating in the liver, but most of it is in the muscles that are broken down and excreted by the kidneys. Normal urea and creatinine levels vary according to age. Ureum and creatinine are two compounds of the body's metabolism that can be indicators of healthy kidney function.

You need to know that in addition to being an organ that releases metabolic waste compounds from the body, the kidneys also function to produce red blood cells / erythrocytes. So patients with chronic kidney disorders are often found anemia on laboratory results.

Associated with ureum and creatinine compounds, an increase in the levels of these two compounds in the blood can indicate interference with the kidneys, for example chronic kidney disorders, kidney infections, low blood flow to the kidneys, dehydration, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, chest pain, etc. While the decrease in creatinine ureum levels can occur in conditions of muscle mass disorders such as muscular dystrophy, liver disorders, considerable loss of fluid, pregnancy, the influence of drugs, etc. Some cases of kidney disorders in severe levels can be found to decrease levels of ureum and creatinine.

Laboratory blood test results can help direct the possibility of a diagnosis of the disease being experienced. But data related to patient history, complaints and physical examinations are very important to obtain. Therefore, it is better to have a direct discussion with the doctor who treats your sibling to get more complete and relevant information and other possible illnesses that you are experiencing. Prevention and treatment are very important for maintaining kidney function. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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