Kidney Function Examination Results?

Illustration of Kidney Function Examination Results?
Illustration: Kidney Function Examination Results?

From the lab check results of Ureum 22mg / dl the reference value is 10-50 mg / dl, Creatinine (L) 1.03 mg / dl the reference value is 0.6-1.4 mg / dl. Based on these results creatine is almost close to the threshold, what about these results? Is it okay if I drink a lot?

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Examination of the kidney using labarotarium indicators is one way of examination and is referred to as a supporting examination, one of which is examined is from ureun and creatinine with normal threshold states that if included in the limit then concluded based on laboratory examination kidney function is considered good.
But to see it as a whole it is necessary to do an overall inspection seen from
1. Symptoms whether there is interference for urinating, difficult urinating, urethra appear red or bloody, urinating bubbling, abdominal pain disappear.
2. Physical examination by the doctor whether there is knock pain in the lumbar region, whether the kidney is palpated
3. Other investigations such as ultrasound imaging or photos with contrast
Some things that should be done are
1. Drink enough, ie 8 glasses per day
2. Avoid drinking booster drinks
3. Avoid using drugs carelessly because there are some drugs that damage the kidneys
4. Consumption of calcium properly to prevent stones
Thus the information that we can convey may be useful thanks

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