Kidney Stone Treatment?

Illustration of Kidney Stone Treatment?
Illustration: Kidney Stone Treatment? Bing

My father’s kidney is 13 ml, the doctor suggested surgery. Is that the only way?

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Hello syainiasuh,

Kidney stones are one of the disorders of the kidneys when there is a hard material that resembles a stone formed in the kidney where these stones can form as a result of the remaining waste substances filtered by the kidneys. There are various types of kidney stones and can be divided into several types such as calcium stones, uric acid stones, ammonia stones and cystine stones. The most common are calcium and uric acid stones which are produced due to the accumulation of calcium levels in the urine due to certain diseases such as hypercalcuria or thyroid disorders, while uric acid stones are caused by eating lots of foods with high purine levels such as seafood, red meat, nuts and others.

Kidney stones themselves, if relatively small, do not cause problems and can pass along with the flow of urine, but if they are large and stuck in the kidneys, they can cause infection and if the stones move into the urinary tract, they can cause urinary disturbances and severe pain, known as renal colic. .

If it is still small (less than 0.6mm) the doctor will perform treatment to expedite the removal of stones and supporting measures such as drinking lots of water, but an examination has been carried out and a large stone size (more than 0.6mm) is advised to treat it with way of operation.

The operation itself is carried out by several methods such as ESWL or stone crushing with ultrasound, removal of stones with an instrument called a ureteroscope, or by surgical procedures. For this reason, it is necessary to consult further with a urologist for a follow-up plan regarding the action to be taken and also the advantages and disadvantages of this action in order to decide on the best treatment for your father.

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