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Normally, the spine will appear as a straight line when viewed from behind and has a distinctive smooth curvature when viewed from the side. This curvature plays an important role in facilitating mobility.

There are various types of spinal curvature abnormalities. Kyphosis is a disorder in which the spine curves back abnormally (hunched over). This condition can appear related to the aging process, history of fractures, osteoporosis, spinal disc degeneration, birth defects, cancer, syndromes (eg Marfan or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), and so on. Meanwhile, scoliosis occurs when the spine curves to the side abnormally. The causes of this condition are more often related to genetic factors (heredity), birth defects related to spinal development disorders, a history of injury or inflammation of the spine, and the presence of neuromuscular disorders, for example due to cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

Both kyphosis and scoliosis to a mild degree can cause no significant complaints. However, as the disease progresses, sufferers may experience more frequent pain or other discomfort in the spinal cord area (upper to lower back), causing visual disturbances, and even disrupting heart and lung function.

It seems that the bulge in the back of the body and also the shape of the shoulder that is not symmetrical between the left and right sides as you experience is not necessarily a sign of kyphosis and scoliosis. This complaint can also arise from other triggers, for example due to variations in normal body shape from birth, joint dislocation (shift), rheumatoid arthritis, body dysmorphic disorder, and so on. Doctors need to do a direct physical evaluation, or be assisted by radiological examinations, for example X-rays, CT scans, and MRI before determining the best treatment. If it is true that your complaint occurs related to abnormalities in the curvature of the spine, you will likely be referred to an orthopedic surgeon and a medical rehabilitation specialist.

In the meantime, try to improve your posture in carrying out daily activities. Reduce body positions that are too bent or leaning on one side of the body for a long time. Choose a comfortable sleeping pad, not too soft, but also not hard. Also keep your bone density by getting plenty of exercise, eat more foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, don't smoke, and don't consume alcohol.

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