Kinking Ureter?

Good evening, nI am Andria, female, aged 27 years. NTwo years ago I checked with a urology specialist, because urination was frequent and very annoying. NThe results of radiological examination showed me kinking ureter, and dr explained that there might be a risk of tract infection urine will be bigger with the condition of my ureter kinking. What I want to ask what should I do? And why are the soles of my feet and hands so often so cold that people shaking hands always ask me if I am sick or cold? Does it include hypotyroid symptoms? As well as the right waist, the inside of the thigh (right knee) to the right ankle is painful at all. What specialist should I go to? I have checked with obgyn and found no disease, then obgyn recommends to urology, even found no disease except ureter kinkinv, even I have been to the internist and found no disease. Thank you….

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Hi Andria,

Kinking ureter is a term used to indicate the ureter or urinary tract that connects the kidney and bladder, is blocked due to a twisted tube.

Because the function of the ureter is to connect the kidneys to the bladder, when this channel is twisted, the flow will not be optimal, fluid will accumulate above, the kidney area, causing kidney swelling and then it can interfere with kidney function.

Indeed, infection can easily occur in this condition, but the thing to watch out for is the swelling and impaired kidney function.

To overcome this, please discuss with the urologist in the area where you live. Please check the following link: Urologist.

The soles of the feet and hands that often feel cold, can be caused by the following:

Thyroid disease, hypothyroid
Poor circulation, blood vessel disorders
Raynaud's disease
Anxiety disorders, and more

Kinking of the ureter and disorders of the hands and feet appear to be unrelated and are two separate events. If you feel it is quite disturbing, and you find other symptoms, then you should check with your doctor for further examination to find out the exact cause.

Pain in the waist, knee and ankle pain can also be caused by this. Some types of pain are difficult to determine the cause without regular and ongoing examinations. We recommend that you check it with the same internal medicine specialist regularly, not moving.

The following tips can help:

Perform regular annual medical check-ups
Get regular kidney function checks with your urologist
Make sure your food has enough nutritional needs
Do regular exercise 3-5x a week, at least 30 m3nit / time.
Eat healthy foods, avoid fast food, and other types of unhealthy foods
Keep your intimate organs clean, so they are not easily infected.

Hope this helps

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