Knee Injury Doesn’t Cure Due To Motorbike Arrival

doc, I would like to ask about a knee injury. so this is the initial dock of my right leg, when the motorbike arrived, i.e. his feet are facing left. after 2 months my right knee knee has not healed, often recurring pain when bent. my knee knee still feels a pain in the dock although for walking I can but when walking it’s not as perfect as it used to be in the movement of my feet. often my feet easily sound ‘kretek’ on the knee every time they are gerakin, and once when running my legs I can’t run perfectly as a result Can not withstand the footstool like a sprained foot again even though it is not sprained. Characteristics of complaints of knee injuries like this, why is that doc? I’m afraid it’s been over two months but it hasn’t healed even though it’s been ordered once and often my right leg is stretched for stretching. Please answer yes doc ..

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Hello Putri Widiastuty,

The knee is one of the joints that is very important to support the body and play a role in various body movements. In the knee area there are various tissues ranging from skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, joint fluid, knee bones. Mechanical trauma from the outside such as a hard impact can cause injury to the structures in the knee.

Various types of knee injuries that can occur when hitting hard are:

Broken bones: can affect the kneecap, the top of the calf bone, or the lowest part of the femur located in the knee area. Most often arises from the mechanism of trauma: traffic accidents, falls from heights
Knee dislocation: when the bone in the knee comes out of its normal position. Easily observed due to changes in knee shape compared to normal knee. Can occur in trauma mechanisms: collisions during traffic accidents, sports injuries
Injuries / tears in the anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, collateral ligament can occur due to excessive strain on the knee for example due to sports injuries or can be due to severe direct impact on the knee area.
Meniscus tears: mainly caused by sudden knee rotation
Tendon tear: mainly due to excessive stretching during exercise

All of the knee injuries above are similar in that they cause pain. Pain due to injury may gradually disappear, but injuries that are not handled properly can cause "scar tissue" which will cause disruption to the knee joint, including chronic pain, impaired function, to inflammation of the knee joint (knee swelling, redness, pain , stiff, sound when moved).

Have you seen a doctor when trauma occurs? To diagnose abnormalities in the knee, apart from clinical symptoms and physical examination of course it is necessary to support imaging tests to prove the abnormalities that are inside. X-ray examination can evaluate the state of bones / joints and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) examination can be used better to evaluate the knee soft tissues in more detail (can see ligament tears, tendons, etc.).

Management of knee injuries varies from conservative therapy ranging from administering pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs, using bandages specifically for knee compression, cold or warm compresses, immobilization, using crutches to reduce the burden to the knee during healing, physiotherapy, to surgical therapy to improve conditions damaged tissue (depending on the results of a doctor's examination). Further consultation regarding knee injuries can be done with an orthopedic specialist.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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