Knee Itchy But No Rash And Swelling?

Illustration of Knee Itchy But No Rash And Swelling?
Illustration: Knee Itchy But No Rash And Swelling? Bing

my knees suddenly feel itchy. The itching seems to be in the middle of the inside of the knee. There is no rash or swelling around my knee. The itching lasts for a few minutes then goes away on its own. My knees also often crackle when I get up from squatting or doing other activities but without pain. What’s wrong with me?rnThank you in advance

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Hi Fadillah, thank you for your question

Complaints of itching on the knee, generally can be caused by several conditions, including:

atopic dermatitis, a condition also known as eczema. Usually a long-term disease that can disappear and arise depending on the trigger of irritant contact dermatitis, which is an inflammatory skin condition caused by skin that is sensitive to certain objects such as soap, certain fabrics, or the active ingredients found in lotions used for fungal infections, usually itching. accompanied by skin rashes such as reddish rounds or whiter than the surrounding skin (hypopigmentation) psoriasis, which is a chronic inflammation of the skin that is often seen in dry areas of the skin, in addition to a "crack" or "crackling" sound that occurs when you move Your knee can be caused by a lack of joint fluid, a slight shift between the bones in the knee or being in an unergonomic position for a long time.

To determine what the exact cause of your complaint and the severity of the condition, you should consult a doctor directly, yes. Because of the very minimal information and without a direct physical examination, the doctor will find it difficult to make a diagnosis.

What you can do at home include:

Use soap with soft ingredients. Moisturize your knees with lotion or cream, avoid lifting heavy weights, exercise regularly, avoid squatting for too long. you should use a small chair if it is possible to exercise regularly and consume food with balanced nutrition avoid soft drinks, because it will reduce bone density so hopefully this is useful, yes,

dr. Barrel

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