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the doctor I want to ask. I am now 21 years old doctor, I often have pain in my feet, especially in my knees and ankles. Pain is often experienced at night doctor, but sometimes in the morning too. Usually if the pain occurs at night I can’t sleep because the pain I feel is quite disturbing. The intensity of the pain is about 30 minutes-1 hour or sometimes more, sometimes I can’t walk because standing up is quite painful, the doctor. I’ve also checked my uric acid several times to make sure but my uric acid is normal, the doctor. What kind of follow-up, doctor, should I do? Thank you doctor.

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Knee pain is a complaint that is quite often experienced and very disturbing activities. Knee pain can be caused by various causes such as:
• As a result of injury such as injury to bone, cartilage, ligament, or tendon
• Arthritis/joint inflammation
• Gout
• Tendinitis/ tendon inflammation
• Bleeding in joints

To determine the exact cause of the complaints you are experiencing, I suggest to see a doctor. The doctor will carry out further examinations such as physical examinations, supporting examinations such as x-rays, etc. Appropriate treatment will be given once the cause is known.

Some tips you can do include:
• Compress with ice will be able to help relieve pain
• Rest the sore leg by limiting activities that can strain the knee joint such as running, climbing stairs, walking or standing for too long
• Lie with your feet higher than your heart
• Maintain ideal body weight
• Avoid massaging/massaging the affected knee
• If the pain is bothersome, you can relieve it by taking paracetamol or ibuprofen

That's my answer, hope it helps.
Regards, Dr. Sylvia

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