Knee Pain When Running And The Top Of The Left Knee Looks Swollen?

Illustration of Knee Pain When Running And The Top Of The Left Knee Looks Swollen?
Illustration: Knee Pain When Running And The Top Of The Left Knee Looks Swollen?

Good afternoon want to ask, my knee has pain. It has been through the physiotherapy process for the condition of the knee is still good. There is only a muscle that moves. When I see the upper left side of the knee is swollen. I have to do to get back to normal doc. Thank you

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Hello Rico,

Thank you for the question.

Injury to the muscles can indeed cause painful swelling and irritation. Depending on the severity of the injury, this condition can be treated simply by conservative treatment, such as drug administration and physiotherapy, or even surgery.

Your condition that still feels pain, swelling, and limited activities that are quite severe after experiencing a knee muscle injury should be checked directly to a doctor, neurologist, or orthopedic doctor. This condition, will be further evaluated by physical examination or maybe some radiological tests, such as x-rays or CT scans. That way, it can be determined, whether the physiotherapy that you've been through is enough to overcome it, or needs to be done other treatments so that complaints heal faster. With this in-depth examination also, the potential for other tissue damage that can aggravate complaints, such as interference with the ligaments, joints, bones, bursa, and so on, can also be detected and handled properly.

In the meantime, for your complaint to subside, do it first:

Compress with an ice cube in your knee that is painful and swollen
Apply pain relievers to your knee if the pain still does not improve
Wear comfortable clothes and footwear
Don't over-exert physical activity using a knee that has been injured
Practice continuing to do physiotherapy movements as taught by your therapist to minimize muscle atrophy
Do not carelessly massage the knee
Not also carelessly taking drugs other than those given by doctors
Keep your weight so that it's not too fat
Expand to eat foods rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin B complex, and magnesium

Hope this helps ...

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