Know The Fertile Period To Plan Pregnancy?

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I came last month, on the 18th, a little bit, can it hinder the pregnancy program.

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Each person sometimes has a different menstrual process. In some people there are heavy but short periods while in others a little but longer, or even vice versa. This condition is mostly normal and does not affect fertility, unless there is an abnormality that can only be detected by direct examination by a doctor.

Menstruation normally lasts about 3-7 days. Menstruation is sometimes normal, irregular, could be due to an irregular diet or stress. A normal menstrual cycle takes place every 21-35 days.

For a woman's fertile period itself is marked by the release of a woman's egg through the process of ovulation. This fertile period lasts about days 12-16 before the first day of the next menstruation. But actually the fertile period is very dependent on the menstrual cycle. If the menstrual cycle is short, for example 23 days, of course the ovulation process can take place within a few days after menstruation ends. During the pregnancy program, maximize sexual intercourse with your husband on those fertile days. At least do sexual intercourse every day.

Some other tips about getting pregnant:

Have regular sexual intercourse. Do not think too much about the fertile period, just keep the frequency of sexual intercourse, for example once in 2 days. Stay relaxed and don't be too stressed Ensure healthy nutrition intake for you and your husband Don't smoke, either for your wife or husband Have sex without using a condom Hopefully useful

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