Knowing The Difference Between Children Talking Too Late With Autism

Illustration of Knowing The Difference Between Children Talking Too Late With Autism
Illustration: Knowing The Difference Between Children Talking Too Late With Autism

afternoon doc. I am confused whether my child is only speech delay or autistic huh? I feel our non-verbal communication is no problem. thanks

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Hello elya

Thank you for asking

before you have to know what autism is and what speech delay is, I understand your concerns, Speech delay or speech delay occurs in children who are less stimulated to speak. But the new delay tech will be seen usually after the age of 12 months. Because the average standard of a 12-month-old child according to some experts has at least 1-20 words to master, and by the age of 18 months children must have 20 to 100 words, saying indeed often people parents late aware of peech delay in children. To help parents recognize the child's speaking phase, he has a table of speech stages. For example, ages 1-6 months should be cooing, but children up to 7 months are not cooing, it can be a delay delay. But, most parents just after a child over 2 years old because it compares with neighbors or peers who can already talk. When viewed from the child's speech development chart, ages 1 to 6 months cannot speak yet. But they will respond to the words of the parents, or what is commonly referred to as fasecooing. Once they are older, children are usually able to mumble even though it is not very clear. The imitation phase occurs at the age of 10-11 months, where the child can already say "Father" or "Mother" even though he does not know the meaning. At the age of 12 months, the child can already call "father" and "mother". Usually the child is also able to say everyday words consisting of two or three syllables. The child's development continues until the age of 24 months. The number of vocabularies he knew increased from 10 words at 16 months and more than 50 at 24 months. In this phase, children can also understand the words of others. Well above 2 years, children can already remember names, compile short sentences and be able to remember more than 400 words. If until the age of 2.5 years the child turns out to be still not like this, it could be that the child experiences a delay delay. so mother.

while the symptoms or characteristics of an autistic child can actually be seen when he was a baby, for example rarely make eye contact and less responsive or not responsive at all when his name is called. However, in general, the symptoms of autism usually begin to be seen clearly when children reach the age of 2-4 years. Autism or spectrum spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder in children that causes impaired children's communication and socialization abilities. Until now, the cause of autism is not known with certainty.

The symptoms of autism that occur in children can vary. However, the most affected aspect is usually the ability to interact and communicate with others, for example:

Not babbling or cooing when he was a baby
Did not respond when his name was called
Speak in an unusual tone of voice, such as a robot-like voice
Avoid eye contact
Having late talking
Difficulty maintaining conversation with others
Repeat certain phrases often
Difficulty understanding other people's feelings and not being able to express their own feelings.

Because autism children suffer from abnormal communication patterns, they will also show behavior patterns that are classified as strange repeatedly, Children with autism can not stand when undergoing a routine that makes it distorted. That can make him angry, frustrated, stressed, or sad. When you suspect a child suffering from autism, don't be afraid to check with your doctor. Early treatment is needed to reduce the communication difficulties he suffers, as well as learn new abilities and use their strengths positively. Until now, there is no treatment that can cure autism. However, there are several therapeutic methods that can be done to help children improve their ability to communicate, interact, and learn.

so you can compare these two things, if your child is only speech delay, the mother can do the things below to overcome the delay of the child:

diligently inviting Little Chat to be one of the effective ways to overcome delays in talking to children.
learn to sing together: Create a relaxed singing atmosphere, give children's songs that have simple words and simple tones. Do the song by giving a little dance moves so that children feel interested.
reading a story book or telling a child: telling stories using fairy tales books that are equipped with interesting pictures is one way that can be done to reduce the delay in children. Besides being able to increase imagination and increase vocabulary in children, telling stories or fairy tales can also increase quality time between children and parents.

check with your doctor as early as possible when you see any irregularities in your child's language skills are important. Therefore, a variety of medical therapies for chemotherapy usually will be reduced in effectiveness if done if the child is older or at around school age. so if the child does not change you should consult your child's doctor to get the appropriate handlers and assistance.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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