Knowing The Results Of Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Illustration of Knowing The Results Of Pregnancy Ultrasound?
Illustration: Knowing The Results Of Pregnancy Ultrasound? Bing

I want to ask, yesterday I had an ultrasound, but I don’t know what the ultrasound results mean… I was only told the weight,,,rnrnHere is my ultrasound yesterday:rnr nF : 35 35(I don’t know how to use a period or it’s not clear..hehee)rnG : 59 59(I don’t know how to use a period or it’s not clear..hehe)rnIP : 4 4rnBPD : 06.17 rnAC : 18.6rnF-W : 0671rnCON : 4 4rnFRM : ONrnONrnrnThank you for helping me read my ultrasound..

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Hello, Bim Bim,

In general, ultrasound examination in pregnancy has several functions, such as:

1)   As a diagnostic and confirmation tool in early pregnancy. Here the doctor will see signs of the presence of the fetus, such as the presence of a gestational sac, the presence of a fetus, the fetal heart rate, and no less important is the location of the fetus whether it is inside or outside the uterus.

2)   To find the cause of bleeding from the birth canal in pregnancy. Bleeding from the birth canal is a sign of several conditions, for example, there is a threat of miscarriage, miscarriage, pregnancy wine, ectopic pregnancy (the fetus is outside the uterus) and others, depending on what trimester it is detected.

3)   Determine estimated gestational age and assessment of fetal size. Fetal age can be estimated by measuring the important parts of the fetus. In addition, by measuring the important parts of the fetus can monitor fetal growth whether the fetus grows according to its age. These important parts for example; a) CRL (Crown-Rump Length) which is the length of the fetus from the tip of the head to the "buttocks", the length of the CRL will be measured at the beginning of pregnancy until the gestational age of 13 weeks; b) BPD (Biparietal Diameter) which is the distance between the 2 widest sides of the fetal head, measured after 13 weeks of gestation; c) FL (Femur Length) which measures the longest bone of the fetus; d) AC (Abdominal Circumference) or abdominal circumference can estimate the size and weight of the fetus.

4) Detecting any congenital abnormalities in the fetus. For example, there is the possibility of a cleft lip, congenital heart disease, failure of organ union, and so on.

5) See the placenta and its location. By looking at the placenta can help detect abnormalities in the fetus. In addition, the location of the placenta is very important for the purpose of childbirth, whether the placenta covers the birth canal or not.

6) Estimate the adequacy of amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid). Sufficient amniotic fluid is very necessary for the well-being of the fetus in the womb. Excess and lack of amniotic fluid can be a sign that the fetus has abnormalities.

So what needs to be understood is that ultrasound examination is a very subjective examination, the reading depends on the examiner's hand. In the ultrasound results that you sent, there are indeed some signs such as "BPD: 06.17 AC: 18.6" that can indicate the size of the biparietal diameter (BPD) and abdominal circumference (AC) that I mentioned above. However, these measurements can be called normal when compared with gestational age, pregnancy history, and other physical examinations. So my advice, keep confirming to your obstetrician to get information about the results of the ultrasound and the health of the mother and fetus.

I hope the information I have provided can be useful, Bim Bim.


dr. Sarah

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