My doctor had my period on July 17 or 18, I forgot a bit then finished on the 24th … usually I have a condom or coitus interrupt … but I happened to be on coitus on the 29th I failed to interrupt … then I was a consul doctor on 30 in the morning I just drank Postinor 2 … then on August 5 I was coitus but using a condom … unfortunately the condom came off … the question is, do I need to take Postinor again? Or is there still postinor effect before? Am I still fertile on August 5?

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Emergency contraception should ideally be used once as the name implies for emergency cases such as:

Sexual assault cases
Birth control failed - condom leaked, forgot to take pills.
Does not use KB.

If you don't want a pregnancy yet, but you are still actively having sex, it's a good idea to use more effective and efficient contraception such as hormonal birth control or other types of birth control. That way you will be better protected optimally.

In your case, you should not drink Kondar continuously in the near term, because this drug can give bad side effects to the body if used excessively. The possibility of pregnancy in your case is still there, although very small.

Regarding your fertility, it is necessary to look at the full history of the menstrual cycle for the past 3 months. Because the information you provide is minimal, we cannot provide additional information about your fertile cycle.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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