Lab Examination Results At 5 Weeks Pregnant?

Illustration of Lab Examination Results At 5 Weeks Pregnant?
Illustration: Lab Examination Results At 5 Weeks Pregnant?

In the evening, I have been married for 7 years and yesterday I checked with the doctor that I was 5 weeks pregnant, and I was told to have a lab check and the results were r nAnti toxo igg ——- u0026gt; positive 35.0 r nAnti toxo igm —— u0026gt; negative r nAnti rubella igg — u0026gt; positive 65.2 r nAnti rubella igm— u0026gt; negative r nAnti cmv ​​igg ——- u0026gt; positive 186.6 r nAnti cmv ​​igm ——- u0026gt; negative r n r nWhat does this mean … is this very dangerous for my fetus 😭

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Hello Gavi

Laboratory tests can provide additional information for doctors to better understand the patient's condition, however the laboratory results must also be compared with clinical symptoms and also the patient's history of complaints and illnesses.

From the results of the tests that Gavi has done, it is known that the findings are positive for anti-IgG but negative on anti-IgM. When humans have an infection with a disease, the body will immediately produce IgM within 1-2 weeks of the first infection, while new IgG is produced approximately 8 weeks after the first infection.

Increased or positive IgG levels and negative IgM results indicate that you have had Toxoplasma, rubella, and cytomegalovirus infections, which have passed 8 weeks ago or even months or years ago. A positive IgG state but negative IgM can also describe a person who has immunity to the infectious disease or it can also describe that the disease is in a latent phase (an infection in a sleeping state which can recur one day).

However, Gavi does not need to worry and panic, because some IgG conditions are positive but negative IgM does not require treatment or treatment, because even though it is possible to describe a latent phase, these conditions are generally not dangerous to the health of the fetus as long as your health condition is well maintained so that the infection is not. relapse. But of course it would be even better if Gavi checked himself into a gynecologist so that he could be confirmed through a series of medical question and answer sessions and further medical examinations.

You can also read articles about TORCH (toxoplasma, rubella, CMV, and herpes) examinations

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