Lab Results, Is Cervical Cancer?

Illustration of Lab Results, Is Cervical Cancer?
Illustration: Lab Results, Is Cervical Cancer?

Hello doctor, what is meant by lab results. Non keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma moderately differentiated a / r cervix what?

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Hello Nanag Maqi, thank you for asking

Non keratinizing squamos cell carcinoma is a type of cancer originating from non keratin squamous cells which are cells lining the outside of the cervix, and if found on the cervix it can be said to be cervical cancer. Based on the place of origin of cervical cancer, the type of cervical cancer is divided into two, namely:

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common type of cervical cancer. SCC starts in squamous cells, which are cells lining the outside of the cervix.
Adenocarcinoma, a type of cervical cancer, starts in glandular cells in the cervical canal

And based on histological examination of types of cancer can be divided into 3 severity levels, namely:

Good differentiation or well differentiated

Moderate or moderately differentiated differentiation, and

Bad differentiation, poorly differentiated

All three can be determined from a histopathological examination that is a biopsy examination of the cervix for example then examined under a microscope. Where good differentiation means cancer cells have not developed fast, whereas in moderate differentiation (moderate) the cancer spreads at a moderate level, and bad differentiation means the spread of cancer cells is large and fast.

In addition to a biopsy examination, cervical cancer also needs to do several other tests separately to see the spread of cancer cells. Following the article further about: Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer. If someone is diagnosed with cancer, then an examination and a series of treatments are needed. Therefore, discuss and consult the results of the examination with the doctor who has handled you. Agarv can be further known such as the stadium and therapeutic treatment to be performed.

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