Lab Results Is Gonorrhea Or Not?

Illustration of Lab Results Is Gonorrhea Or Not?
Illustration: Lab Results Is Gonorrhea Or Not?

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Sexually transmitted infections are infections that often arise, especially if you have unprotected sexual intercourse with people whose sexual health history is unknown. Sexually transmitted infections can occur in men or women. There are various types of sexually transmitted infections, one of which is gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea or gonorrhea is an infection of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria which causes symptoms of gonorrhea, burning and burning sensation during urination, lower abdominal pain, fever and others. To make sure it is necessary to conduct a medical interview regarding the condition that arises, a physical examination and supporting examinations such as a blood lab, examination of body fluid samples and other necessary examinations. On examination of duh or body fluids in the laboratory, gram-negative coccus bacteria are usually found in pairs.

The results of the examination that you provide are the results of supporting examinations where to make a diagnosis more complete information and also a direct physical examination is needed. Consult the results of the examinations that have been carried out again to the doctor who treats you so that the diagnosis will be confirmed and given the appropriate treatment. Gonorrhea itself can be caused not only by gonorrhea but other infections besides gonorrhea such as nongonococcal urethritis, balanitis, chlamydial infection, or penile cancer.

Avoid sexual intercourse until treatment is complete, use safeguards such as condoms to prevent transmission, keep intimate organs clean and avoid changing partners or having sex with partners or people with no known history of medical conditions in order to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted infections or HIV infection.

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