Illustration of Labor
Illustration: Labor

Dear Doctor About labor I want to ask a doc. For induction, if it is over 4x, is it dangerous or not? From Saturday night until now it is still just induction and it was also brought to the RSUD already pembuuan 2 and today the results are really shrinking so opening 1 How’s that so huh doc? From yesterday why should not sc Thank you dok

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Hi Rahmad,

Thank you for the question.

Childbirth normally takes place at more than 36 weeks' womb. Approaching childbirth, normally the mother will begin to find signs, such as uterine contractions that increase in duration, intensity, and frequency, spotting and amniotic discharge from the birth canal, which if examined by a doctor, will synchronize with increased opening of the cervix.

But sometimes, these signs of childbirth do not always appear in close proximity, sequentially, or there can even be one sign of labor that is not experienced at all by the mother. Not yet clear factors that influence this. However, armed with these signs of childbirth, the general health condition of the mother, the condition of the fetus, placenta, and fetal membranes, as well as many other factors, the doctor will make a decision as to what is the best treatment step that needs to be done.

If there are medical indications that require it, labor induction can be done many times. Of course, after doing this induction, the doctor will also monitor other signs of progress in labor, such as uterine contractions, cervical openings, heartbeat and fetal movements, and so on. In this way, the doctor can assess whether induction can still be continued, and whether other therapeutic modalities need to be done.

Therefore, the most know, until when it is necessary to induce labor, and when it can also be done immediately cesarean section, of course a doctor or obstetrician who examines you directly. It is not enough to be determined based only on a brief description like this. The good, you consult directly with the doctor who treats you ..

I hope this helps.

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