Lack Of Passion For Life?

Illustration of Lack Of Passion For Life?
Illustration: Lack Of Passion For Life?

Night . I feel less passionate after marriage. bring it limp and languid, irritable and often tingling. hives pain in the chest. The left side of the waist often hurts at the same lower center and upper center abdomen. I am frail. All that makes me less excited. Blm again my sinusitis. my body got sick after I got married and had a c-section. and at night I can’t sleep as if I’m not sleepy. nAm I lack blood. do i need to take vitamins. exercise. give me advice. thank you

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Hello Bilaa.

Thank you for the question.

Lack of blood or the medical term known as anemia is a condition in which the body lacks red blood cells. We know that the function of red blood cells is to transport oxygen and circulate it throughout the body. In red blood cells there is what we know as hemoglobin. If the hemoglobin level in the blood decreases, it is known as anemia. Normal levels of hemoglobin in the body are based on gender, age, and other physical medical conditions such as pregnancy. A person is said to have anemia in a woman who is below 12 grams / dL and during pregnancy it is below 11 grams / dL.

Symptoms of anemia that can arise include:

tired easily
short breath
dizziness and lightheadedness
chest pain
muscle cramp

Symptoms of anemia can depend on the cause. Causes of anemia include:

anemia due to nutritional deficiencies such as iron and folic acid deficiency anemia
anemia due to chronic diseases such as kidney stones, gallstone symptoms, HIV / AIDS, cancer
anemia due to disorders of the bone marrow such as leukemia
hemolytic anemia where there is a shortage of red blood cells due to their destruction faster than their production.
anemia due to diseases such as Thalassemia and Hemophilia
inherited or genetic anemia such as sickle cell anemia

Several risk factors that increase the occurrence of anemia in a person, such as:

disorders of the digestive tract in absorption
family history of anemia
diet or type of food consumed

The cause of fatigue or feeling less energetic or lack of passion for life is not only experienced by people with anemia. As for other conditions that cause a person to experience fatigue such as:

psychological factors such as prolonged stress, or postpartum depression
lack of rest due to breastfeeding or experiencing insomnia
taking excessive antidepressants
is experiencing a disease

The advice I can give is to consult an Internal Medicine Specialist and do a blood test to rule out anemia first.

As for other suggestions that might be useful, such as:

enough rest
if you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages you should stop the habit
arranging a good diet and choosing types of healthy and nutritionally balanced foods

That is the explanation I can give, hopefully it can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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