Laparoscopic Surgery?

The doctor, last July 16th, I had a laparoscopic surgery to remove the adhesions in my uterus. But until now I haven’t had my period. Is laparoscopic surgery interfering with my menstrual cycle? or maybe I am pregnant? but I haven’t tested the pack yet. Thank you doctor, please explain

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Hello Marisa,

In order for the menstrual cycle to occur, the function of the endometrium (inner wall of the uterus) and the ovulation process must take place. This process is highly dependent on reproductive hormones. Before ovulation occurs, the endometrium will thicken to prepare a place for a fertilized egg. If after ovulation the egg is not fertilized by sperm, the endometrium will collapse because it is no longer functioning, this is called menstruation. If the egg is fertilized by the sperm, the product of conception will attach to the endometrium and develop into a fetus. Therefore, pregnancy causes the absence of menstruation.

You are currently not having your period after laparoscopic surgery. Whether there is a relationship between the two needs to be examined further. If you are taking hormonal drugs while you are recovering, it is likely that the cause is this medication. If indeed the previous disorder that caused adhesions was a disorder involving the endometrium, ovaries (ovaries) or organs involved in the menstrual process and hormonal balance, it may be related. Stress after surgery can also cause hormonal balance to be disturbed so that menstruation becomes late.

If you are sexually active during your recovery, it's okay to do a pregnancy test with a test pack. Generally, the test pack can detect pregnancy 7-10 days after conception occurs. The accuracy of the test pack if used correctly is quite high, 98-99%.

At this time, if your doctor has not recommended control, you can continue your normal activities while waiting for the next menstrual cycle. But if this menstrual disorder continues until the following month, you should check with your gynecologist.

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