Laparotomy Surgery In Endometriosis Can It Get Rid Of Adhesions?

Hello, I want to ask. I have endometriosis 8 cm and have adhesions. The plan is to have a laparotomy operation. My question is whether with the laparotomy operation the adhesions can also be lost? Please answer. Thank you

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Hello Fatimahsari04, thank you for the question.

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that is considered safer than open surgery, because there is less risk of exposure of organs in the abdomen to the external environment which may contain a cause of infection. In addition, the surgical scar is smaller and heals faster, pain is minimal, and the risk of bleeding is very low. That's because doctors only need to make a few small holes to insert the tool. Field operations will then be monitored using a camera. In reproductive system diseases there are various indications including endometriosis.

Regarding the adhesions of organs in the stomach, it depends on the extent or severity of the adhesions. Physical examination from the outside can not find out how much adhesion is happening. Likewise, supporting investigations can only estimate adhesions. But the real certainty whether adhesions can all be released or not can only be decided during the operation by looking directly at the operating field. That's when the doctor will decide how much adhesion can be released. The doctor will try as optimal as possible to free all adhesions. However, in some cases where adhesions are too broad and difficult to reach, it is possible that not all adhesions can be released. The doctor will explain to you what are the findings during the operation.

In the meantime you should not have to worry too much. As long as the preparation of the surgery is perfect, the general operation will not get a lot of problems. Thus the answer from us, may be useful. Regards.

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