Large Breasts And Flat Nipples After Delivery?

I want to ask, I just gave birth 7 days ago, the breastfeeding baby is not very good because my breasts are too big, and hang down, my nipples are flat, so I pump the milk. Will my milk production decrease if I only pump and a little of my baby breastfeeds

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The large breast size and flat inverted nipples can make it a little difficult for the baby to breastfeed directly. However, this can generally be overcome with the right habituation and tricks.

There is nothing wrong with expressing your milk while teaching your baby to suckle properly. Expressing breastmilk is actually good for maintaining your milk production, as well as helping your nipples to come out and become easily breastfed. This will not necessarily reduce your production. Most importantly, you give your breastmilk to babies through the right medium, for example a spoon, cupfeeder, pipette, or syringe that has been removed from the needle. The use of this appropriate expressing medium for breastfeeding can prevent your baby from the risk of nipple confusion. Confused nipples are what are prone to make the baby refuse to suckle directly from the breast, so that in the end it can make your milk production decrease, even completely depleted.

Here are some steps that we recommend to get around your condition:

Express your breast milk every 2 hours, store the expressed breast milk in the right way
Express breastmilk to babies using the right medium, not a pacifier
Continue to teach your baby to suckle directly from the breast, namely by:

Express some of your breastmilk before feeding so that your breasts are slightly deflated and the flow of milk is not too heavy
Help baby put your entire nipple and areola in his mouth
Choose the most comfortable breastfeeding position
Breastfeed the baby regularly every 1 to 2 hours, not to wait until the baby is too hungry so that he will get angry

Help remove your flat nipples, apart from expressing breast milk, also by doing breast massage.

Press the nipple using the index and thumb
Pull it out while turning it clockwise
Repeat using clean hands

Maintain your milk production by drinking lots, eating healthy foods, not stressing, and getting enough rest
Seek help from your spouse and close relatives to help you breastfeed your baby well

If you still have problems in the breastfeeding process, don't hesitate to ask for direct assistance to your doctor or the nearest lactation consultant doctor.

The correct and practical way of breastfeeding

I hope this helps.

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