Large Bumps When Cold Allergies Appear?

Illustration of Large Bumps When Cold Allergies Appear?
Illustration: Large Bumps When Cold Allergies Appear?

Excuse me, doctor. Permission to ask. I have a cold allergy. I read in an article, usually cold allergies are just as big as peas to grapes as big as grapes. But usually when my allergies arise, it will be bigger than grapes. Can up to 3x the grapes. How is that? Thank you

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Having a history of allergies that you feel, can generally be different manifestations with patients with a history of other allergies, or may not be exactly the same as the picture of clinical complaints from the health information you read. However, in principle, complaints from patients with allergies have a similar picture, although maybe one or several complaints are not found or not felt. As with complaints of bumps that you feel in the form of bumps larger than figs or peas, this is one of the allergic complaints that can appear on your body if your body is exposed to allergens or allergens. So, even if the condition of the complaint you feel is different, but an important point that must be emphasized is to immediately avoid allergens and restore the condition of your body and your immune system.
Some complaints that are often felt by patients with a history of allergies are itching, bumps, redness of the skin, visible swelling of the lips, red or swollen eyes, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tightness, coughing, flu or headaches. Sometimes one or several allergic symptoms can be felt, and the size of the bump encountered there are no specific instructions so that it can differ from one patient to another.
Some of the allergens below can cause allergic reactions and allergic complaints, such as:
1. food allergies
2. drug allergies
3. cold allergy
4. dust allergy
5. allergy to insect bites
The best treatment for patients with a history of allergies is to prevent allergens or prevent the entry of allergens or contact with the patient's body, so that allergic reactions can be avoided, and allergic complaints can be avoided.
If your allergic complaint does not improve within 2 days after an allergic complaint appears or if you get a sign of danger due to an allergic reaction, then you should immediately consult your family doctor or doctor at the nearest hospital. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations, and investigations to find out the triggers of allergies to your body. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors to provide care and treatment.
For now, you should try a few things, such as:
1. Avoid excessive scratching on the itchy area of ​​the skin, to prevent injury and risk of infection
2. Avoid physical fatigue and sleep late to help restore your stamina
3. give lotion powder to reduce itching
4. Give anti-allergic drugs that are sold freely in stores, read the rules of use, and immediately to the doctor if these complaints still bother you
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