Large Round Like Sprue Colored Purple In The Mouth?

My mouth has purple streaks, like sprue but purple, at first the color is the same as lips and it doesn’t hurt but lately it’s purple and a little sore

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The complaint you are experiencing could be caused by a number of possible conditions such as:

 Mucocele / Cyst Abscess Cysts Herpes simplex virus infection in the mouth Meanwhile, if complaints can still be arrested using pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, you are allowed to use these drugs while making lifestyle changes such as:

 Improve oral and dental hygiene by brushing your teeth at least 2x a day Maintaining your food intake to always be sufficiently nutritious and balanced Increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits Maintaining your fluid intake of at least 2 liters a day Avoiding injury or impact to the mouth and teeth area, including your lips and gums Avoid sharing food / drinks or your personal belongings with other people Get adequate rest at least 6-8 hours a day You are also allowed to take vitamins or supplements to increase endurance if it is felt to help reduce complaints Not recommended to consume drugs other than those mentioned above or according to your doctor's instructions If the circle is felt to be getting bigger, getting more, more severe pain, or bleeding occurs, immediately to the doctor for immediate treatment.

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