Laryngeal Tumor?

Illustration of Laryngeal Tumor?
Illustration: Laryngeal Tumor?

I wanted to ask my father who had a laryngeal tumor after the biopsy and the results came out, it turned out that my father had a benign tumor. What I want to ask if after the operation my father also had to do chemotherapy? Then what is the final stage?

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Hello Sarianti,

Laryngeal tumors, included in the category of benign tumors, are abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth but do not invade the tissue around the tumor and do not have the potential to spread to other limbs (do not experience metastases).

In general, the treatment for benign tumors varies. Starting from "watchful waiting", namely observation without any action to ensure that the tumor growth is not dangerous. Some are treated by removing the tumor tissue (surgery) with or without pharmacotherapy or radiation treatment.

Choosing the most appropriate type of therapy for the patient will be better if it is determined by the doctor who treats the patient directly. Because the condition of one patient with another patient can vary, even though both are diagnosed with a laryngeal tumor. If the doctor who treats your father simply recommends surgery, that is the last stage, but still makes observations if one day he experiences complaints in the form of hoarseness, difficulty swallowing or a lump reappears.

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dr. Barrel

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