Late For 1 Week, Menstruation Is Negative, Stomach Feels Throbbing?

Illustration of Late For 1 Week, Menstruation Is Negative, Stomach Feels Throbbing?
Illustration: Late For 1 Week, Menstruation Is Negative, Stomach Feels Throbbing?

Good morning .. I am a woman aged 34 years .. Right now I am on a pregnancy program .. What I want to ask 1, for 6 months in a row my period is always 28 days-30 days with a period of 4 days 2. Now I’m one week late .. But it’s still negative .. How many days late can I just get tp3, feel my stomach under the right belly button throbbing … During this time if I want to menstruate, I don’t feel it 4. even before I’m late for a month … Numaca .. Nes v and cmp … Is that the effect of what I drink .. Thank you for the answer

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A normal menstrual cycle can take place every 21 to 35 days, with menstrual duration ranging from 2 to 8 days, and bleeding as much as 30 to 40 cc per cycle. Therefore, at a glance, if you view the information you convey, the duration and your menstrual cycle are still classified as normal, although not always regular. However, it needs to be re-evaluated, whether the amount of bleeding you experience during menstruation is also still normal, or not.

Late menstruation can be part of a sign of pregnancy. It could also be, late pregnancy occurs due to hormonal conditions that are not balanced, for example due to the influence of fatigue, stress, weight that is not ideal, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating patterns, side effects of drug consumption, side effects of certain contraceptive use, or also due to gland abnormalities thyroid and pituitary gland. Some types of diseases, such as ovarian cysts, can also make menstruation come late. Unfortunately, there is very little accurate information that provides information on the exact composition of the products you mentioned, so we are not authorized to judge whether your menstrual delay is related to the consumption of these products or not.

A throbbing stomach can be caused by many reasons, one of which is pregnancy. It could also, the stomach feels throbbing due to intestinal peristalsis, twitching of muscles around the stomach, abdominal aortic pulses, increased gastric acid, food poisoning, digestive infections, urinary tract disorders, psychosomatic disorders, hormonal fluctuations before menstruation, and so on.

To distinguish, whether the menstrual delay and the abdominal throbbing you are experiencing really happen because of pregnancy or not, you can indeed do a testpack. Ideally, to get accurate results, the testpack should be done at least after having a menstrual delay for 1 week. Or, you can also ascertain the cause of your complaint by going directly to a doctor or obstetrician. In the meantime, you can compress your throbbing stomach with warm water to make it feel more comfortable. Do not forget, multiply also exercise, do not stress, adequate rest, and live a balanced nutritious diet so that menstruation returns smoothly.

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