Late Menstruation?

Illustration of Late Menstruation?
Illustration: Late Menstruation?

I want to ask, 4 years ago I was sentenced to secondary amenorrhea but the doctor said that he was cured. in the following months I am always late for menstruation, sometimes 2 weeks or 3 days out but this month it has been 3 months. am I already addicted to drugs? the numbers if you don’t use the medicine won’t it come out? thank you

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Hello Grace,

Secondary amenorrhea is a condition that is delayed menstruation for more than 6 months in a condition that is not pregnant. Secondary amenorrhea can be caused by several factors such as premature menopause, hormonal disorders, stress, side effects of contraceptives, malnutrition, drastic weight gain or loss, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid disease, physical fatigue, Asherman's syndrome, Cushing's syndrome, and ovarian tumors. .

What medicines were previously taken regularly? Has it been stopped by the doctor? If you are currently menstruating late for more than 3 months, I recommend that you check with your obstetrician again so that further tests can be done to determine the cause of the delay in menstruation that you are currently experiencing. Then the doctor will provide further treatment for you.

Meanwhile, you should try to improve your lifestyle to be healthier as follows:

Adequate rest Do not stay up late Sleep 7-8 hours / day Consume healthy and nutritious food Drink lots of water Regular exercise Keep your body weight ideal Avoid stress The following articles are related to the topic of your question:

Late menstruation

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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