Late Menstruation And Fertility Period Calculation?

Illustration of Late Menstruation And Fertility Period Calculation?
Illustration: Late Menstruation And Fertility Period Calculation?

Afternoon ,,, I want to ask in the month 6 on 30 why not about menstruation ,, after that in the month of 7 on 1 day with menstruation … and I want to know why the 6th period does not menstruate then continue in the 7th month and why the fertile period ….

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Hello Nur,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clear, can you describe your menstrual schedule for the last 6-9 months?

The distance between the first day of the menstrual cycle each month can normally range from 21 to 35 days. Therefore, indeed not everyone will always experience menstruation every month. Provided the distance between your menstrual cycles is still in the normal range, your condition is not always dangerous. Often, menstruation becomes irregular due to hormonal conditions that are not balanced, can be due to the influence of stress, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle, side effects of contraception, or many other possibilities.

Determination of the fertile period in women can be done with a variety of procedures. First, you need to set out your menstrual schedule for the past 6-9 months. This is intended to be assessed, whether your menstrual cycle is normal or not, regular or not.

In women with normal and regular menstrual cycles, the fertile period usually occurs around 14 days before the expected next menstrual day. However, for women with irregular menstrual cycles, you need to do the following calculation:

Determine your shortest menstrual cycle, subtract by the number 18
Determine your longest menstrual cycle, subtract by number 11
Your fertile period is in the range of days above

However, if your menstrual cycle is abnormal and irregular, then your fertile period is not appropriate if it is determined by the calculation method above. As an alternative, you can monitor your fertile period by:

Measuring your basal body temperature, if it rises, means that you are ovulating (a mature egg is removed from the ovary to go to the uterus)
Observe your cervical mucus, if it appears more and more elastic (like egg whites), it means you are fertile

For more details, we recommend that you consult directly with your nearest doctor or obstetrician. That way, the doctor can help you predict when your fertile period, and provide the best schedule for you and your partner to have sex, if you are both planning a pregnancy.

Hope this helps ...

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