Late Menstruation And The Test Result Is Still Negative?

Illustration of Late Menstruation And The Test Result Is Still Negative?
Illustration: Late Menstruation And The Test Result Is Still Negative? Bing

morning,rnI want to ask about the content. My HPHT is on February 28 and until now I haven’t had my period yet, so my cycle is 41 days. But I’ve tried the test 2 times and the results are all minus 🙁 . I tried promil on March 24, but because my fertile period was over, I was only given the drug neo gynoxa ovule and 100 mg siclidon, because I also have vaginal discharge, so I was given the drug. rnThe question is whether taking the drug will cause me to miss my period, or is it because I am really pregnant?

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Hello Miss Sister,

Delayed menstrual cycle can be caused by various things, such as:

- Infection if accompanied by vaginal discharge that is colored, smelly, itchy or sore, painful during intercourse or painful urination.

- Hormonal disorders such as stress, fatigue, tidoid hormone disorders or reproductive organ problems such as cysts on the ovaries.

- Pregnancy, if accompanied by pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting in the morning, more sensitivity to odors, changes in appetite, body feeling more tired and weak or with feverish symptoms. Confirming pregnancy can be with a positive testpack or ultrasound showing the gestational sac.

If there is a complaint of vaginal discharge that is yellowish, greenish, foamy, smelly, itchy and sore, a vaginal examination can be carried out directly by a genital skin specialist, then the doctor will recommend a vaginal discharge examination if necessary. The doctor will provide treatment with special antibiotics according to the cause of vaginal discharge. The Neo G drug contains metronidazole and nystatin antibiotics which can help cure vaginal discharge problems caused by Candida fungi and Trichomonas vaginalis bacteria. Drug S contains doxycyline antibiotics to eradicate various germs, especially those that often infect the genital organs, for example, gonococcal type.

Sisters are expected not to worry, if the results of the negative test pack are a sign of the absence of pregnancy, if you want to be sure, you can do a 2-week re-check to an obstetrician for a pregnancy urine test and ultrasound examination. Medication is intended to treat vaginal discharge, in addition to treating your sister, it is better if your partner experiences symptoms of pain during urination or yellowish discharge from the penis can also be treated. Keep the genital organs clean by rinsing from front to back, avoid contamination of hands from the anus to the genitals, avoid using water contaminated with germs. Eat nutritious food and drink enough water without holding your bladder. enough rest. Use the drug regularly as recommended by the doctor and re-examine your condition to evaluate the performance of the drug and improve symptoms of the disease.

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