Late Menstruation But Negative Testpack Results?

Illustration of Late Menstruation But Negative Testpack Results?
Illustration: Late Menstruation But Negative Testpack Results?

I have been doing this 3 months since my routine consumption of the vit cycle was 26 days regular … and before that I was still menstruating but with a cycle of 28-30 and there was always a sign of menstruation, according to the app it was recommended that I should have this period. And from yesterday there were no spots at all, my stomach was tight too. But I was negative last night? Is it accurate yet at night working? Do you have to wait at least 1 week late?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at A person's menstrual cycle normally takes 3-7 days and repeats 21-35 days later. This cycle, although normally has the same break every month, but actually if there is a difference but only 1-2 days difference is not a problem as long as it is still in the normal range.

If your menstrual cycle becomes irregular, there are several possible factors that could be the cause. Among others are:

Fatigue, too much physical activity
Stress, mental stress
Drug side effects
Side effects of hormonal contraception use
Overweight or underweight
Body weight goes up and down too dramatically
Currently in a diet program
Consume too much oily and fatty food
Experiencing imbalances in female hormones and thyroid hormones

In your case, consumption of vitamins should not affect your menstrual cycle, so we suspect that there are other things that play a role in your present condition. Our advice if your menstrual cycle is irregular, try to improve your lifestyle by avoiding the above factors first, namely by maintaining an ideal body weight, avoiding cigarette smoke, adequate rest, and eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit.

Meanwhile, if you suspect that you are pregnant, the most appropriate TP examination is done when it has been late a week. If it turns out that after a repeat examination you are not pregnant, and all of your lifestyle factors have been corrected, but menstrual irregularities are still present, check with your obstetrician for further examination and treatment. So, hopefully answering your question.

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