Late Menstruation For 2 Weeks, Is Pregnant?

Illustration of Late Menstruation For 2 Weeks, Is Pregnant?
Illustration: Late Menstruation For 2 Weeks, Is Pregnant?

Excuse me, 1. My wife has been late for men for about 2 weeks, after intercourse. Is that reasonable? -2. Frequent nausea, back pain u0026amp; often dizzy, it’s a test pack but the results (1 thick line u0026amp; 1 faint line is very thin) Indicates what? -Thank you

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Hello Rizal,

Thank you for asking

Late menstruation can indicate several conditions, for example pregnancy, impaired hormonal balance, the effect of using hormonal birth control, weight gain that increases or decreases dramatically, side effects of drugs, to certain diseases, such as ovarian cysts, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, and so on. The condition of your wife experiencing nausea, back pain, and dizziness may indicate a pregnancy, but may not. Some other conditions, such as dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), fibromyalgia, viral or bacterial infections, psychosomatic disorders, pre menstrual syndrome, and so on can also trigger these complaints.

The results of your wife's test pack, which only shows one clear line, while others are vague, cannot be used as a basis for drawing conclusions. Better, you ask your wife to do a re-testpack with a gap of 3 to 7 days later to confirm it. Or, you can also check it directly to the doctor or obstetrician for further examination.

In order to improve complaints, you can urge your wife to do the following trick:

Reduce foods that trigger nausea, for example foods that are acidic, fatty, oily, and too spicy Don't over-consume soda and caffeine Compress nauseous stomach and back pain with warm water Increase the amount of rest Don't use physical activity too tired Avoid stress Don't just take medicine Always a healthy lifestyle. Hope it helps.

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